PF Magazine Photo Contest

The two images I entered into PF magazine’s photo contest are displayed below.


I entered my images to this contest on December 10th.

I can’t say that I chose this contest for a specific personal reason. I do know that this contest is reliable and a chance for others to view my photographs.

To put in an entry I went to I created an account and then I was asked how many images I wanted to submit. I selected 2 color images. I was then directed to paypal to pay the fee of $5 per image. After the payment had been confirmed I was able to navigate to the images on my desktop and upload them to the contest. I was informed that as long as the photos uploaded they had been entered into the contest and no confirmation email would be sent. I am excited to hear about the results of this contest.



Week 13 Reflection

Using WooRank this week was awesome! This is such a helpful tool and one that I will definatley use in the future. Because I didn’t code my webpage from scratch I really haven’t looked at much of the code. WooRank was helpful in reminding me to do things like add a title in the code that the customer won’t see but web crawlers will. WooRank and Google Analytics is a great tool to see where there are weak areas are on my website so that I can make the necessary changes.



Taylor Sweeten Photobook

Creating this photobook was challenging and very rewarding. I found myself wanting to spend hours playing around to find the right layout. I knew that this would be a great portfolio piece so I wanted it to be professional while still illustrating my style of design and photography.

Looking back at all the images I have taken this semester makes me proud! I had never shot in manual before this semester, I had hardly even touched with a DSLR camera before. It has been very rewarding to see the progress in my photos. I am excited to continue to learn how to capture meaningful and artistic images.

Week 12 Reflection

Completing Project 4 this week was insightful. There wasn’t a huge change in clicks after I optimized my Ads but there was a big increase in impressions. It was good to see that there was improvements even if it was only over a month. I can imagine that the numbers would continue to rise as the ad’s are optimized.

Shutter Speed vs Aperture Priority Tutorial



Click here to view my PDF Turotial: taylor_stevens_tutorial


F stop – 5 Small Depth of Field
F Stop – 10 Large Depth of Field






Freeze Motion Example


Freeze Motion Example


f/4.5 – Small Depth of Field

Shutter Speed vs Aperture used to be two concepts I did not understand. I could never seem to get my camera to work the way I wanted to. Over the past 12 weeks I have loved being able to gain knowledge and put it into practice to capture the shots I had envisoned. I personally love shooting when I focus mainly on Aperture. I don’t shoot in aperture priority very often but I do focus on this setting mostly in Manual and then use the other settings (ISO and Shutter Speed) to compensate for light. I decided to use Shutter Speed and Aperture for my tutorial topic because I feel like these are the fundamentals to feeling in control of my camera.


Week 11 Reflection

This was an abnormal week for me in how I completed assignments. Because of the festivites of the week I sat down and did most of the work in one sitting. This was suprisingly beneficial for me. It was good to watch the videos, read articles and talk about it all while it was really fresh on my mind.

I have read the visual guide to keyword targeting and SEO article before and it has been really helpful. I like the way he has layed out a diagram so that you can see all the action that can be taken to optimize a webpage. SEO is so important because if Google isn’t pulling up my page when people are searching my keywords it is because it doesn’t know I sell that particular product. SEO is all about working with the consumer and web crawler to drive more people to my website resulting in more revenue.

Fine Art Print


Unedited Image


My fine art image was taken in Bannack Montana. To get this detailed macro shot I set my camera vertically on the door frame. I love the detail that was captured in this image. The little piece off to the left of the image adds asymmetry and visual interest. Once I put this image in photoshop I lightened it up with levels and added vibrance. When I printed this image I made sure to lighten it up even more and sharpen the details. I am really happy with how it turned out.